Asian Chick With A Dick Dressed As A Maid
Okay this isn't really fucking fair. In this TS Sapphire Young gallery we see this sexy transsexual dressed as a maid. Are you fucking kidding me? Placing this smoking hot tranny in an equally hot uniform is like lacing nitroglycerin with gunpowder. You know the results are going to be explosive.

She isn't doing a lot of cleaning in this scene, however. Not unless you think she is waxing her fucking erect cock. But that's okay because I would still hire her. Not because I want her to sweep or mop my floors, however. No I would just hire her so I could watch her walk around my home in that fucking incredible uniform. Although I gotta admit that she probably wouldn't do a whole lot of that either because I doubt that I could keep my hands off of her.

This is all fantasy, of course. This tranny isn't going to give you the cleanest counters or floors in the world. No, she is just going to show off her body and make sure this fantasy goes right into our spank banks. Which if you think about it, is good enough